The main objectives of the project are to explore the web and gather some data/info with the purpose to analyse, forecast, and report. Moreover to provide up-to-date info on the diversity of the web areas through sampling and scenarios built out of the analytics. The product is a web application ideal for cloud enabled environments and integrates well in enterprise systems. The projects implemented through the current App can be expanded and later developed further with new versions of the App, depending on user needs.

Life cycle

CronBatch project lifecycle follows the model:

Initiation Planning Execution Closure

Project management and product development

1 Initiation

Each project has an initiation phase in which an initial idea, unsolved problems, needs of an enterprise are made more concrete, clarifying objectives and actions to undertake. The feasibility of a project is measured not only by the technical achievable objectives also by timing and available resources in order to optimize them for each project task allocated in the plan. Initial developments include sharing of information within the team allocated and checking the resource coverage for all the phases of the project.

2 Planning

Once the ideas are clearer and the targets to achieve have been fixed, a document can be written down to share with other stakeholder, noting the objectives, purposes and main financial availability for all the human resources participating. Tasks can be scheduled and people can be asked to participate considering also work on a voluntary basis. Leadership and team roles can be reported on the initial document to include interests of all team members and encourage inclusion over the resources network.

3 Execution

The waterfall or agile methodologies are complementary and highly indicated by the very nature of the project undertaken and the available resources. Medium sized projects with skilled resources already established in the field on similar projects sit comfortably with an agile methodology, with evident time savings and speed of developments. The speed of execution and implementation can appear to be made ad the expense of an all round analysis and precise documentation although the benefits will always outstrip lengthy analysis and over checked implementations at times out-of-date by the launch. The team of analysts, programmers and developers sharing roles can implement the hw/sw analysis following objectives and guidelines established in the initial document of intents with speed and precision. The software development and implementation is followed by an initial testing and installation on the systems hosting the final app version.

4 Closure

Testing final version of the app is another occasion to share views and collect impressions, statements, ideas regarding its functionalities, the interface aesthetics, the general satisfaction of users regarding effectiveness and efficiency of the system overall.