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CronBatch serves well the purpose of online sampling, web page identification, input for statistics, to assist researchers in carrying out netnographic studies and online surveys.

Web and company data sources scraping

CronBatch can be programmed to harvest the world wide web for information (seeds) over a specific timeframe, specific area of interest. Surface areas are explored with immediacy and results can be obtained istantaneously whilst the deep areas, being interconnected with many resources are explored offline by cron applications.

Searches with major engines

CronBatch can harvest seeds when programmed to gather documents all over the internet via search engines, private forums remote and local files, databases or simply by input of the web addresses to target as potential storage of info. CronBatch carries out internet scraping through querying search engines at surface and deep level.

Scheduled Web crawlings

Cron jobs are scheduled for crawling the web once CronBatch has been programmed and seeds have been filtered at the frontier.

Searches results data management

The exchange of data between CronBatch and other applications can be taylored to suit the most demanding work situations. File formats and type can be exported in formats chosen by user with added customized routines programmed for further checks and data integration.

A simple way to program your searches

Four easy steps.

1 Resources management

Work files, internet resources, search engines and publications lists containing seeds for deepening searches are filtered out and organized in a frontier style.

2 Searches in batch

Crawling of the internet or other data sources are programmed to identify documents by keywords or structure.

3 Results filtering

Results from crawling jobs are filtered out with custom code and data formatted for enterprise management.

4 Data interfacing

Searches outputs are interfaced with other applications in various formats.

System characteristics

Platform independent and portable

CronBatch is a programmable web application written in php, javascript, html, sql, c, c++. The application is supported by MySQL database. The whole system can be migrated on other platforms supporting the languages used to develop the various modules and the database without maintenance or other type of customization. On other platforms, it is a matter of minutes to render it operative in all of its functionalities.

  • Adaptable without maintenance.
  • Speed of migration with no start up curve.

Efficient and effective

CronBatch does what it claims to do. It does it well, efficiently using user time at minimum, providing guides and logs. Output is targeted at minimizing user intervention optimizing routine timing thanks to the inputs highly target to obtain user desired results withing a short timespan.

  • Guided inputs.
  • Inputs targeted at desired user output.
  • Logs for guided backtraking.

Modular and customizable

The application runs a series of modules written in diverse languages. The modularity is the major application strenght, being possibe to be integrated with other applications. Depending on user needs, CronBatch modularity can be integrated with personalized modules thanks to the documented json interface.


Three available versions of the same App with different access to features and options, depending on users needs.

Download the App for free

You can download the basic App version by clicking on "App download".